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If he wanted to be with her, he would be. Second, despite his relationship with her or how she treats you, be kind and respectful to his ex. No one says you have to like her, but kindness from you will go a long way in building a pleasant and respectful relationship.

Not to mention, it just makes life so much easier when things get really serious. Treat his kids kindly. As your relationship with your man grows, perhaps your role will look more parent-like. Let your relationship with your guy and his kids grow in its own time and way. Be patient and take your time, grow at the pace and in the way that is best for everyone.

This is sure to create a happy life, and hopefully a long relationship. I had a lot to learn, I still do.

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We just got married, so I must have done something right, but I can tell you, I did a lot wrong. And there were tons of things that I never expected when I started dating a single dad, but it has been an amazing adventure. I wish I had read this before I managed to screw up my own relationship with a single father. He was and is a lovely man, but it was a very complicated situation.

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We met only 3 months after he separated officially from his long-standing wife, who is in a different country with their kids. From the beginning I sensed his sadness about her rejection of him, and the fact that his marriage was over, as well as the physical separation from his children. We split without actually splitting 5 weeks ago when he told me his son was coming over and he needed to spend time with him. Mitch, a year-old single dad pal who has triggered a parade of fleeing women by mentioning his child, offers this self-defence for dating fathers: We're just better guys and better partners for being dads.

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To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: By Robert Cribb Investigative Reporter. This article has been edited from a previous version. Consider this overwhelming bit of dating discrimination. Not even an introduction, thanks. She doesn't do anything for herself anymore and when she eventually does treat herself to a haircut or a new top, you see her old sparkly self, which just shows the drastic changes. She is such a vibrant, intelligent and beautiful woman, but now she is always sad and angry or distant.

She is always stressed because if the kid acts up she's expected to discipline , but her boyfriend argues with her if she disciplines. The kid manipulates them against each other and it's always them against my friend.

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  5. Have you tried to gently make her open her eyes? It is noble what she is doing.. She has tried everything with division of chores and everything. She does not see the kid as hers, she has come to resent the kid more as the child starts to show the behaviour of the druggie mother. Any improvements last 2 weeks tops and then right back at it. She stays because she loves him. She knows she always has a place with me in my home It took me awhile to realize it myself When visiting -watching the child, bathing , cooking , cleaning. Sometimes asked and sometimes I did offer to try and help with some chores, in order to free up some time for us to spend together.

    As you can see later- even this didn't work. Eventually babysitting so he can go on nights out with his female friends, which he wishes you would be "more sociable" like. Calling you antisocial if you dared to take out a book to read, while dad and kid playing on the console. Ie all in the same room, they are not interacting with me and what I'm just supposed to watch them like they are a fucking tv show? I always came last. Every weekend will be "how can we spend every moment of our waking day and all of our energy on the child.

    They mothered the child in some ways- they sent them to nursery school age 5 without knowing how to wipe their own arse. Knowing that the teacher did not do that for them.

    Dating a Single Dad – Advice for the Single, Childless Woman.

    I asked the dad "WTF is child supposed to do if they need a shit while they are there? Hold it in for x hours?!! The child had no clue about privacy or closed doors. So I had to be the bearer of some harsh lessons, but I was never given the rights of a parent, despite having a fair amount of the responsibility. Even though the "schedule", was the child stayed with him every 2nd weekend, and one overnight stay during the week.

    No matter what I did it wasn't good enough. Then one day he had the audacity to say that sometimes it feels like he had to watch over more children ie me!! I went straight to the bedroom, calmly packed up my stuff off the floor and my corner of a shelf ,into my bag, in 3 years he'd never made a space for me! All the child had been taught to do if theyd had a shit - was to call out from the bathroom, for someone to come wipe them.

    I think it was because the child had tried on occasion to wipe themselves, but ended up in a bit of a mess with shit up their back. No idea how it got there either! So the dad was so concerned with the germs etc, that he'd rather wipe the child's bum than trust the child to do that for themselves. It was partly due to all this that I realised I'm actually CF. A few years later and I'm very happy with my awesome CF partner.

    I didn't realise my comment was going to be that long or miserable sounding! I just have a tendency to be very honest and waffle a lot. Yes, I'm actually better than ok.

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    I'm very happy to have found the CF man of my dreams , and we've been together for nearly five years. We just seem to fit. So I'm very happy. But thankyou for asking. This sub is always so supportive. He wasn't a bad person really. It's a very narrow slice of his behaviour that I've shown here. I think he had a tremendous amount of guilt over his divorce. Like some serious daddy-guilt. So he was just so preoccupied with making things awesome for his child. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing in a parent. I basically think that he was a decent guy, but probably not ready to be in a relationship, and certainly not with me- because we just couldn't make each other happy.

    So we were ultimately incompatible. I think we both learned alot about ourselves and what's good for us.. I swear that he was designed to be with me: If he did all that stuff in the first post you made then he WASN'T all that great at all and you shouldn't feel the need to say he had other good qualities. I'm sorry that you went through that. I was actually wondering what it would be like to date a parent, thank you for mentally preparing me!!

    Dating…with Children PART 2: The Childless Other Person

    That's probably why the kid didn't have a shit at the nursery- on some level he knew that he was different to the other children, and it would've just highlighted it. Oh lord, the exact same thing happened to me! Brought a friend home and she didn't know how to wipe Aah, sweet childhood memories. Since my mother wasn't present, I told her to wipe it on her own, though. They didn't wipe their own kid's ass??? Weirdly enough it sounds like you were a better parent for that kid than he was.

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    No no, they did wipe the kids arse - but never showed the child how to do that themselves after shitting. When we got together I wasn't staunchly CF. I was still thinking that this massive baby rabies was going to hit me someday , and then that's when kids would "happen" to me I'm the type of person who struggles to acknowledge when something has failed and I should move on. I really really tried to be what he wanted me to be Even if you go with a parent who has older kids, it can still be awful.

    Originally agreed we'd wait 4 years to move me down a couple of states and in with them, because by then the kids would be out of the house, but changed our minds. He once told me to get out after one of said fights.


    Now the kid is put in their place more often, and we're still together.