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The regular waitress stood in front of you, her hands on her hips. She studied you, she had been studying your actions for a while now.

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You snapped out of your daydream, shaking your head slightly as you made eye contact with the friendly employee. The waitress or yourself. It is no longer a milkshake"she pouted. Your head snapped to look at who had interrupted your train of thought. Peter Kavinsky sat a couple of seats to the left of you, his body facing yours. His head tilted to the side almost as if he was trying to figure you out as he sipped on his milkshake. You knew who Peter was.

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Of course you did, he was Peter Kavinsky. Beautiful Being, he was almost unreal with his dark curls and his bright sparkling eyes. Anyone else but her. You and Peter were friends at one point, the two of you being extremely close and that just fueled your love for him. You stopped rushing around for a second, taking a minute to breathe and register what Peter had just said. You hesitated before sighing, throwing your bag back on the counter. Sitting in the same seat you had just abruptly left.

To say he had missed you would be an understatement. You knew he still loved you, but you also knew that he wanted nothing but happiness for you; and you had that right next to you.

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Originally posted by mochabam. You both turned to look at him, nervousness spreading in your bones. Your heart dropped to your stomach when you watched a couple tears fall to the ground below.

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Originally posted by poc7. He spent the last few months since you both had split sending flowers to your doorstep, each day having a letter that held one more reason he loved you. He wanted you so bad, and seeing you with one of his bandmates was just a confirmation that you were moving on from him. It stung within his ribs as he clutched at his chest. His vision was blurry as silent tears steadily fell down his cheeks. His hand rubbed comfortingly as Yugyeom sobbed, failing to notice how your head turned at the mention of his name.

You were already in the process of letting him go, the love you held for him already churning into sweet memories that you could always smile back on. I even got a sad little ask in my askbox this morning from someone that really missed my writing. Dick sighed and went over to the nightstand picking up his wallet and keys. Jason wrapped his arms around Dick, pulling him close.

How would you feel in this situation? The majority have said that they have hated the Elena from Season , and miss the old Elena from Season Looking at some new Anti-Elena posts on why they have always hated Elena has really woken me up, and convinced me to re-watch Season Elena.

Boy oh boy how much of a bad character she was from the get go. I wanted to make this post to show my beloved Anti-Elena community how much of a problematic character Elena was ever since Season 1.

For example, in episode 1x16 when Caroline, Matt, Stefan, and Elena had a double date all Elena did along with Matt during the whole entire date was reminisce about the times they were boyfriend and girlfriend. It was Stefan who noticed and asked her if she was okay. And what does Elena do? Who lured her to that same house and tried to kill her? Who she Elena saw bruises and bite marks that he put on her?


Who compelled her best friend to be his sex toy blood bag? Is that what you call kind, compassionate, and selfless? Another example is 3x17 when Alaric is going through his crazy murder phase, Elena calls Bonnie for guess what a favor! But even when Bonnie needs time by herself and space from Elena what does Elena do? Call her for a favor even though she was indirectly responsible for her suffering. And then has the nerve to give some sappy ass half assed apology. But yeah Elena is oh so selfless right?

In this clip from 1x15, Elena finds out that Damon killed Isobel and is upset when Stefan keeps making excuses for him and protecting him. What kind of sense does that make? And for her to get mad at Stefan for protecting his brother especially when she protected him from getting killed for his actions is just baffling. Another situation is during 1x07 when Vicki becomes a vampire, and Jeremy is trying to find Vicki. The first statements above pretty much explain Elena being a shitty friend and sister.

But honey Season 2 just showed how much of a bad friend she is. Now before anyone yells at me asking why is Season 2 Elena a bad friend, let me explain. So, during the whole sacrifice ritual thing going on Elena found out from Katherine that she was not the only one involved in the ritual. Look at this clip:. She learns that Klaus needs to kill her a doppelganger , a werewolf Tyler , a vampire Caroline , and a witch to perform the spell Bonnie. Elena knows this already, hell she even listed off the people Klaus would need for his ritual. So why the hell was Elena so busy trying to give herself up to Klaus?

All she was doing was be selfish and was being too busy on looking like some type of hero martyr when all she did was put more people in danger. She put everyone in danger with her suicidal actions thinking that she was protecting and saving everyone when all she did was put them in more danger. Another moment is during 2x02 when Stefan, Elena, and Damon find out that Caroline is a vampire and figure out what to do.

And this clip pisses me off. All I can say is: What does Caroline becoming a vampire have to do with Katherine trying to hurt you?! If anything Katherine turned vampire Caroline into a vampire to use her to her advantage and manipulate her. Caroline is the victim in the circumstances not you! Not everything that happens in Mystic Falls has to do with you Elena. Sometimes the villains just do things because they are villains.

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Not because they want to hurt precious Elena Gilbert. Which brings me to my next point is when Elena found out that Caroline was spying for Katherine and she said this to Bonnie in 2x Who did she threaten? Why is she making this about her, and not realizing that her is in danger as well? But no how dare Caroline spy on me and Stefan for Katherine? How could she do this to is? Why is she working with the enemy who wants to tear me and my love apart?

Why is this all happening to me?! Originally posted by peanutbutter What pissed me off was that Katherine got called a manipulative, nasty, little slut and an evil slut vampire who only loved herself.