Bro code dating sisters

If it isnt should i ask my friend first?

  1. Whats the bro code rules on dating friend's sisters?.
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I normally would ask him first but I dont want to make a big deal with him only to find out she doesnt like me and was just being nice to her little brother's friend or something. Btw im 21 shes 23 if it matters. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Related Questions What is the bro code?

Your friend dating your sister wrong? Why would my Best friend get upset I'm starting to talk to his sister? Or he will just go for a jog if it's more convenient. It would be a gross violation of the Bro Code if he didn't. No girl is going to cheat on his bro. Some bros will give the girlfriend a chance to fess up herself but she will be warned that the truth is coming out either way.

A bro never keeps a secret like this from his fellow bro. It would be a gross violation of the Bro Code if he did. The only exception is if you are his sister. No bro gets to cheat on his sister. Or on his mother, for that matter. As for cousins and aunts, they're on their own. All's fair in love and war, right? But every guy understands that if he invokes this rule, it will be both love and war. So if a guy tells you that your boyfriend is cheating on you, it means either you are his sister or he wants you for himself. When introducing a bro to a new girl, a guy will most often enhance facts about his job.

Is it against Bro Code to mess around with your bro's sister? : AskMen

Guys know that women will stretch the truth about many things, so they will stretch the truth about each other's jobs to make them seem more impressive to the new girl. Guys know that women are impressed by a guy's career path, so why not mention that his position as a data entry clerk puts him on the same path Elvis Costello took to launch his career? Most women take a while to realize that it is pointless to ask a guy's buddy to verify his story.

But eventually they learn that if it happened, the answer is "Yes. This is just not something guys do. It's not that guys are oblivious to fashion It's just that it is unmanly to not be oblivious to fashion.

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  • And that includes haircuts. By the way, this might explain why men also fail to notice their girlfriend's or wife's haircuts, but that's another story for another several days. Even after rule 14 has been invoked guys don't aim for each other's junk. This is another rule of mutual self-preservation. No guy would be safe anywhere.

    And all the great fighting scenes in the movies would be reduced from five minutes to five seconds, which would make The Matrix very, very short. Once again, we have a rule of mutual self-preservation. You should assume that whatever happened at that bachelor party, no animals were harmed, no villages were burned to the ground, the girl in the cake will survive, and your man won't reveal any of the details. Not even if bribed with carnal sweets. No way, just too many complications. No guy wants to get in between a buddy and his sister.

    Unless she is smoking hot! Yes, some rules can be broken. But a guy will never, ever hook up with his buddy's mom, even if she is smoking hot. Step sisters and step moms are OK. That's just how the rules are written. Perhaps this is another rule of mutual self-preservation, but guys understand that this is just what had to be done at the time. Instead of making each other feel ashamed, they will provide excuses, such a, "Oh, you were really drunk.

    Then there's your best bros Also makes it easier to refer to respecting other unspoken man bro laws. I did, we were cool.

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    Used to be able to shut him up with me and your sister jokes. Till she left me and he started giving me shit for that. Yes, because when push comes to shove, a guy will always protect his sister, but he'll also side with his bro. Don't put your friend in a position where he might have to chose between family and friends at some point in the future.

    I eventually dated and got engaged to her. Lost the bro in the breakup, but we werent the best of friends by then anyways.


    The close relatives of your friends should really only be considered for serious relationships. I would be fine if one of my friends wanted to date my sister but would be upset if he just wanted to bang her. Bro Code is kind of dumb but you probably shouldn't mess around with a guy's younger sister behind his back without permission if you want him to remain your friend, especially if she is still a minor. If she is older than him I don't think the brother should really have much say but he still might be pissed off by it anyway.

    Is it against the bro code to go after your friend's sister???

    I'm sure he'd be cool with it I dated my best friend's twin sister when I was I have not spoken to either of them of them for almost 18 years. It's about being on the same wavelength. Cool, treat her well enough, don't fuck around. Just a one night stand?


    Make sure both sides are aware and wanting just that. If you just hook up with a bro's sister, and she thinks you were starting something serious, you fucked up. It really depends on the friend. I worked with my best friend's sister for about 2 years. We became really close during that time as friends, and she obviously had feelings for me. I didn't have them because she was obviously my best friends' sister. She wanted to go to prom and would ask me questions like "I wonder what it would be like if we kissed?

    What made me not do it, was that I knew I would lose my friend if I would.

    He just wasn't the type of person to take that well. So, I just remained friends, and I think it was better that way. So, it depends on the friend. If you think he'd be okay with it, then probably bring it up, then go ahead. If not, just gotta bite the bullet and find someone else. I'm in a pretty similar situation I work with my friend how I met him and when we hang out at social functions Well, I'm terrible at picking up on people flirting with me Now its just plain obvious and her brother totally knows.

    Yeah, it's not easy. You don't want to mess things up with your friend, because he's your friend! It's a tough call.