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There will be scenarios where your intended use of the Drupal trademark is not entirely covered by this policy, or where you have doubts as to whether or not a specific rule applies. As you can see on Drupal. High contrast and modern look.

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I also ran the new design system by a few people who spend their days selling Drupal and they described it as "clean" with "good use of space" and a design they would be confident showing to prospective customers. Whether you are a Drupal end-user, or in the business of selling Drupal, I recommend you check out the new design system and provide your feedback on Drupal.

We have started implementing the new design system as a contributed theme with the name Claro. We are aiming to release a beta version for testing in the spring of and to include it in Drupal core as an experimental theme by Drupal 8. With more help, we might be able to get it done faster. Throughout the development of the refreshed administration theme, we will run usability studies to ensure that the new theme indeed is an improvement over the current experience, and we can iteratively improve it along the way.


Administration themes must meet large and varied use cases. For example, accessibility is critical for the administration experience , and I'm happy to see that this initiative connected with and have taken feedback into account from the accessibility team.

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Acquia has committed to being an early adopter of the theme through the Acquia Lightning distribution , broadening the potential base of projects that can test and provide feedback on the refresh. Hopefully other organizations and projects will do the same. The team is looking for more designers and frontend developers to get involved.

You can attend the weekly meetings on javascript on Drupal Slack Mondays at Casey Winters writes about why marketing technology companies should change their target customer from marketers to engineers. If you are like me — an engineer building a marketing technology company — Casey's blog post is guaranteed to generate some "ahas". I hadn't heard about Tidelift before, but it turns out their office is meters from Acquia's. I reached out and we're going to grab a coffee soon.

1. Background information

Have you ever wanted to preview your new Drupal theme in a production environment without making it the default yet? I did when I was working on my redesign of dri. I wanted the ability to add? It allowed me to easily preview my new design with a few friends and ask for their feedback. I would send them a quick message like this: Hi Matt, check out an early preview of my site's upcoming redesign: Please let me know what you think!

Because I use Drupal for my site, I created a custom Drupal 8 module to add this functionality. Allows previewing of a theme by adding?

The function applies checks if? If Previewer is allowed to specify the theme, its determineActiveTheme function will be called. Drupal uses the specified theme to render the current page request.